In an amazing act of sophistry, President Barack Obama of the United States has called the recent North Korean nuclear test “a grave concern to all nations.” The hypocrisy of this speaker for the American labor aristocrat and “middle classes” (read: bourgeois and those who wish to become more bourgeois) is quite laughable on it’s face. The United States, through brutal imperialist intervention in other countries, has been a “grave concern to all nations” for quite sometime. This is why, like a two-bit gangster, U.S. Hegemonic Imperialism has traditionally and still does (in increasing quantity) subjugate foreign peoples through the most crude and brutal of techniques.

When the United States utilized biological weapons and germ warfare in the initial war to destroy Korea helmed by Kim Il Sung many years ago (a war which we underline that the U.S. lost in the end) the U.S. was certainly acting as a “grave concern to all nations.” Additionally, when the United States lowers the entire consciousness of it’s citizenry en masse into the most demonic levels by turning them into supporters of the most brutal forms of torture such as water-boarding, extreme humiliation, sexual molestation, genital mutilation, sensory deprivation and turning it’s sons and daughters into ready and willing racist, fascist automatons ready to trample upon the human dignity and freedom of anyone, anywhere that is certainly a “grave concern to all nations.”

Although pathetic attempts have already been made by “unknown officials,” specifically “U.S. administration officials” (being domestic operators we have never heard of such a broad and ill-defined officers as “U.S. administration officials” – which government branch exactly are they referring to?) to question the potency of the recent atomic explosion, verifiable sources in the Russian Defense Ministry have already stated that the weapon was at least between 10 to 20 kilotons – i.e. the same timbre of weapon that the United States utilized against Japan at the end of World War II. This information having been retained and duly noted, the United States should keep in mind that their intended “firm response” will be executed at their peril.