Democratic People’s Republic of Korea test-fired seven ballistic missiles yesterday on the July 4th holiday. In a press response U.S. vice-president Joe Biden claims this is “no big deal” and that North Korea is just trying to “seek attention” and that he isn’t going to “give them the attention they seek.” We wonder how well Americans on the side of imperialism really think that this reasoning works, along the lines of “My house is burning down, but I am not going to let that ruin my day.”

As inevitable showdown approaches between the forces of the world’s masses and imperialism we would encourage American communists to get their heads out of the sand, step outside the confines of their colleges for once (and we don’t mean for one of the “revolutionary tourism” vacations that persons associated with the sectarian Monkey Smashes Heaven Journal like to take) and eschew the American non-logic (which doesn’t even work in America) of Biden and embrace practical action, elsewise you are all just “whistling dixie.”